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Team Building Days

Team Puzzles & Tasks

A wide selection of team challenges are available including: Artesian, Bridge Break, Druid’s Maze, Eggs In Space. Hoist the Mast, Holey Tube, Meltdown, Mindburst, Minefield, Nuclear Chamber, Spiders Web, Squares & Ten Poles.



The teams are faced with a restricted area that contains a virus.
The aim is to manoeuvre the virus from its original setting into another area.
This is a multi task challenge, it requires forward thinking and processed planning.



Bridge Break
It enhances co-operation and communication between team members.As the majority of the event is a team against team competition we think it would be a good idea make the escape part of the task a company effort by where all of the teams come together to achieve a common goal



Druid's Maze
The teams are faced with a giant bungee maze on the floor. They are informed that it is made over the top of quicksand and the only way they can get across is by using a series of coloured boards. As a complex puzzle, this task requires the team to plan, implement and evaluate. It will also require the team to use effective communication and leadership.Druids Maze is also suitable to set up and run indoors, to suit various Conference Centre venues.



Eggs in Space
Using the equipment provided, the teams have to construct a launcher from which to fire a missile across a gorge. The teams need vision and focus to perform the task successfully. This task incorporates an element of fun and competition into the event.



Hoist the Mast
Can the team get the flag pole into the centre of a restricted area, erect it and raise the flag? Strong teamwork is required to achieve this task without breaking the rules



Holey Tube
Holey Tube involves the recovery of a film case from the bottom of the tube by the use of water, balloons and sticks. This is a real team effort task as it does require at least five people at any one time to be actively working to elevate and support the case as it makes it's way up the tube.



The meltdown is a mathematical problem - solving task involving the moving of liquid between tubes to achieve a specific goal within the time frame allowed. The liquid is ‘Craptonite’ and participants can only be exposed to it for two "moves" so everyone has to take part.



The teams attempt to locate 48 numbers in numerical order. If the number is discovered correctly then a question is asked and points will be awarded for correct answers. All this while trying to remember where the next number is located.
Mindburst is also suitable to set up and run indoors, to suit various Conference Centre venues.



This task tests the effective use of communication and trust amongst the team members. They need to work together to create a language using musical instruments, so listening is vital. This language is then used to guide the team through the minefield.
Minefield is also suitable to set up and run in doors, to suit various Conference Centre venues



Nuclear Chamber
Faced with a gorge, the teams have to get safely across using the equipment provided, collecting buckets full of water along the way. Once safely through the gorge the team has to safely remove the nuclear bomb from the chamber – water is a key element to complete the task.
This is one of our more adventurous tasks and requires the team to use strong communication skills, delegation and evaluation are also key factors.



Spiders Web
Hidden in the trees is a giant web. The whole team have to pass through the web without alerting the spider. A very popular task that involves teamwork and planning and promotes the need for trust and reliance amongst the team members.



A total of sixteen small squares must be laid to create one large square. The team must work together to rearrange the squares to ensure that squares of the same colour do not touch horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Squares is also suitable to set up and run in doors, to suit various Conference Centre venues.



Ten Poles
The poles will be laid out, equal distances apart, in a line. The object of this task is to move the poles, in a particular sequence, to end up with five crosses. A number of constraints apply and will be explained during the briefing. Ten Poles is also suitable to set up and run in doors, to suit various Conference Centre venues.



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All major credit cards accepted