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Team Building Days

As an everyday part of modern business, Team Building Days are an essential tool in order for your company to stay ahead of the rest and can be specifically designed to suit your exact requirements.

Team Building Events allow you to identify different characteristics of team players and allow participants to exhibit their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Here at PEACH we can offer you a wide range of activities, from Rage Buggies, Quad Bikes and Hovercraft Racing to physical and mental team challenges, so whether you’re looking to motivate your team, thank your staff or entertain your guests we have a number of activity solutions available.

From planning through to production, our helpful and experienced team will produce a fun packed day for all concerned, so why not call our event team today !

Activities include:


4 x 4 Driving skills
Take a military 4-wheel drive 90 or 110 Land Rover around a challenging course. This is a skilled activity rather than a test of speed, with various options including Blind Folded Driving too !



Air Pistol Range
We provide a 7 metre air pistol range with a professional shooting instructor & staff to supervise. The pistols are the very latest design, Walther top quality CO2 powered weapons fitted with state of the art Red Dot electronic sights. The guns also have an 8 shot revolving magazine. Full instruction and detailed tuition on mean point of aim, concentration etc., is carried out on a range of competition and fun targets.



Air Rifle Range
We provide a 20 metre air rifle range with a professional shooting instructor & staff to supervise. The rifles are single shot, quality Weihrauch target 1.77 air rifles fitted with telescopic sights. Full instruction and detailed tuition on mean point of aim, concentration etc., is carried out on a range of competition and fun targets.



Apache Off Road Racers
An unrestricted off road kart powered by a Honda 750 engine, 6 speed sequential gearbox. Race these outrageously over powered karts ‘rally style’ around a coned course with a qualified instructor at your side.



A full introduction into this noble sport of kings – one of the countries oldest activities. Learn how to use our recurve bows and with some expert tuition you will soon be hitting gold! Complete with qualified instructors, pop up tent and colourful bunting to mark off a no go zone and all archery equipment.



Boot Camp
Are you up to it ?
You will be met at the training camp by our instructors and put through your paces. Your day will begin with roll call and refreshments. Once you have been briefed you will be split into teams and head out on your basic training.
Using your mental agility and team strength you will face challenges ranging from recovering Unexploded Bombs crossing The Mine Field and climbing The Tower.
Each team will be monitored throughout the day and will be scored appropriately on their performance so that by the end of the day the elite force will prevail !



Clay Pigeon Shooting
All full introduction into Clay Pigeon Shooting using targets such as Driven Pheasant, Springing teal, Crossing Crow, Settling Pigeon. We use 12 and 20 bore shotguns which can be adapted to suit all guests. Staffed by a professional shooting instructor/s, guests will receive tuition in gun handling and safety whilst learning the very satisfying and competitive sport of clay pigeon shooting.



Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall - suitable for over 6's - adult
The ultimate mobile climbing system that caters for up to 4 climbers at a time scaling the 8 metre high tower. Requiring a ground space of 20ft square, this is a unique and highly visual attraction for your family fun day or corporate challenge.



Dragon Boat Racing
These Chinese-style boats can carry up to 16 paddlers and are steered by a qualified instructor who will provide all necessary training. We recommend a minimum group size of 12 per boat and even the least competitive members of your crew will want to reach the finish line first !



Duck Herding
Experience the team spirit by negotiating an obstacle course with a trained sheepdog herding a small flock of Indian Runner Ducks. You can only use the four basic commands – Comebye – Clockwise, Away – Anticlockwise – Walk On – Follow On – and Stand – Stop.
A great alternative Team Building Event !



Eggs in Space
Using the equipment provided, the teams have to construct a launcher from which to fire a missile across a gorge. The teams need vision and focus to perform the task successfully. This task incorporates an element of fun and competition into the event.



Have you ever wondered what it is like to hold an African Batleur Eagle or a Lanner Falcon? Under the supervision of our professional falconer, guests are invited to handle and actually fly these beautiful birds. Maximum participation and interaction with the birds is encouraged. It’s a great moment when a Hawk swoops out of the sky and lands on your gloved fist!



Honda Patriots - The Patriot Snoo-Kart Challenge
These twin seater rally vehicles have transferable steering with a 725cc petrol engine. You will play a motorised game of snooker “snoo kart” which is played based around a seven gated track, this thrilling game involves the whole teams participation.



The Hovercrafts are powerful and fast, designed for land or sea, demanding a great deal of skill and confidence. Fly these mini Hovercraft around an obstacle course in timed relay race.



Human Table Football

Human Table Football - suitable for over 10's - adult
This is a game of table football - but human sized! With an inflatable pitch measuring 50ft x 25ft the game is played with teams of up to seven a side. Each player is harnessed to solid plastic poles attempting to score a goal by only moving sideways.



It's a Knockout

It's A Knockout
The PEACH It's a Knock Out is a fun packed event and an excellent main arena attraction for a family fun day or corporate challenge. Our It’s a Knockout has now been running for nearly 15 years and is certainly one of the most popular activities we provide.
With a fantastic range of fun packed games, a professional compere and a great team of arena staff your guests certainly won’t be disappointed and will have a memorable day out !



Last of the Mohicans
Put your skills to the test….aim true with this exiting challenge! Hit the target with a variety of native Indian Hunting Weapons, Tomahawks and Throwing Knives and trade hits for points!



Max Cats
A six wheel drive amphibious vehicle, tiller steered. Sit along side your instructor and manoeuvre around our woodland course of streams and steep banks.
The max cats can be taken to any venue, with an appropriate course created.




Motaball - Suitable for over 6 years to adult
One of the most exciting new attractions in the country, Motaball comes complete with an inflabale track measuring 70ft x 50ft and 4 x bumper cars. Two teams can battle it out by manoeuvring an inflatable football around the course and into the goals.
Complete with two operators this new attraction will certainly add a new dimension to your next event.



Powerturn Cars
Capable of spinning 360° on its own axis, the Powerturn is a one or two man, two-wheel drive vehicle powered by twin engines and steered by varying the throttle or brake on either of the engines. A totally different driving discipline it can power slide round corners, do doughnuts, wheelies and can probably be manoeuvred faster than any other off road leisure vehicle in the world. We have single and twin seaters available.



Quad Bike Rally
A versatile four wheel bike, our automatic Yamaha Breezers are very easy to operate and there is no driving experience necessary. Learn the skills required by taking around a challenging course to include slaloms and obstacles.



Raft Building
Each squad will have a few minutes to select the equipment and materials they think they will need to complete to formidable crossing to the treasure island. The aim is to get all of your team across first, without falling in to the water. Somewhere on the island is a hidden bounty !



Rage Buggies
A single seat rally kart, powered by a 700cc V twin engine and not for the faint hearted ! The Rage is an off road buggy with an excellent chassis combined with long travel suspension. It has a reduction gearbox, which has an ATB differential (with optional reverse) and a torque converter system which is widely used on many other ATV machines. The engine is a 700cc 24hp v-twin which gives you good performance and a top speed in excess of 50mph.



Team Puzzles and Tasks >>



Sailing Days
Days can range from a quiet sail around the Solent to a full on regatta or a treasure hunt on board some of the finest luxury motor yachts available on the South Coast. We sail from Southampton, Portsmouth, Lymington, Bucklers Hard, The Hamble, Poole and Cowes.



Segway HT’s are unique and there has never been anything similar before. Segways are self balancing personal transportation devices which harness some of the most advanced, thoroughly tested technology ever created. The Segway will balance for you and to go forward, all you have to do is lean forwards, and the opposite for reverse.
A twist grip handle will turn you to the left and the right. We’ll either set up a course to test your handling skills against the clock or head to head against another competitor. There is a minimum weight requirement of 7 stone for participants.



Sporting Trials Cars
These odd looking vehicles have bicycle tyres on the front; low pressure tyres on the back, independent fiddle brakes for traction control and a 1340cc Honda engine with 5 speed sequential gearbox. This exhilarating activity will challenge even the most experienced driver as you try and tackle the seemingly impossible slopes !



Treasure Hunts
If you are looking for something different for staff motivation, team development, corporate entertainment events, corporate away day, conference, ice-breaker, human resources development, Christmas party or just a great fun event, then look no further.



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All major credit cards accepted