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Race Nights

A night at the races is a fun packed event for groups wishing to take part in an organised activity and is ideal as an after dinner activity.

The night itself can be tailor made to your requirements and can accommodate as many people as you wish to attend and for further information and package options, please call our event team today.

A Fun Money Race Night Explained

Our professional compere will explain the evening and ensure the smooth running of your event.
Using a projector and screen a selection of Horse Races will be shown throughout the evening for the teams to place bets on. All the races featured are real horse races from around the world but with different horse names.

At the start of the evening each team will be given a pack containing race programs, betting slips and a sum of Fun Money, usually £60.00 per team member. The object of the evening is to make as much money as they can throughout the night. They will be playing individually but on behalf of the team.

Once the evening has been thoroughly explained, the team captains will be asked to approach the Tote kiosk and place their bets ! Bribery is allowed throughout the night, and normally encouraged!

Participants are encouraged to bet on each race by backing a horse numbered between 1 and 8.

Once the betting is finished and the tote has been closed, the race form will be shown and the race will begin.

The form is shown after the tote has closed to increase the fun factor as once they have seen the race form they may realise that they have backed the donkey and then they can’t change their bet.

During each race our compere will encourage the crowd to shout and cheer for their horse and after the first race they won’t need much encouragement.

The winning horse will be noted and any of the teams with a winning ticket or tickets will be asked to come back to the tote and collect their winnings.

The races have now finished and the teams will be asked to count their fun money, arrive at a total and then stand up for the elimination round.

The compere will then ask if there is anyone with no money what so ever and they will sit down (after a bit of teasing of course !)

As the elimination round progresses we will soon find out just who has won the most money from the night.

The evening will end with a prize giving ceremony, with prizes provided by the client.

Race nights are a great way of involving a lot of people in an exciting and enjoyable fun event.

Race Nights Extras


Wind Up G G'S

Wind Up G Gs - suitable for 5 years upwards
Something completely different and a great addition to a Race Night. Players attempt to wind in there horse as quickly as they can to the finish line.
Complete with an operator and PA system if required.



Crazy Golf

Donkey Derby - Suitable for over 5’s to adult
A great interactive and new 4 player game for your next event.
Players must place the hobby horses between their legs, and pretend to be a jockey, simulating, riding down the course.
With the movement of the hobby horses the players horse on the track moves down the course, with the first past the line being the winner.



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All major credit cards accepted