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Funfair Stalls

Fun fair Stalls - suitable for a variety of ages

Tin Can Alley

Mega Darts
Cork Shoot
Coconut Shy
All the fun of the fair with our Victorian style traditional funfair stalls. The stalls measure 7ft square and are fitted with blue and yellow striped awnings and two strips of coloured funfair lights to add to the effect. They are easily assembled and have been designed for use both indoors and out.
Choose from our large selection of games : Cork Shooting, Mega Darts, Splat The Rat, Target Golf, Beat The Buzzer, Coconut Shy, Whack a Rat, Hook a Duck, Hook a Boat, Hoopla and Balls in Buckets.


Popcorn & Candyfloss

Popcorn and Candyfloss
Delicious pink fluffy candyfloss or buckets of aromatic popcorn can be supplied for your next event. Set in a 7ft square side stall and complete with our experienced operators.




Horse Shoe Throwing
Cactus Lassoing

Aunt Sallys

A wide selection of Side Shows can be supplied, including Ye Old Stocks, Horse Shoe Throwing, Cactus Lassooing and Aunt Sally's in various themes, to name but a few.


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All major credit cards accepted
All major credit cards accepted